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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter Feb 1, 2022 (Dec. – Jan. ’22)

Posted on February 3rd 2022

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

February 1, 2022 (Dec ‘21. – Jan. ’22)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name! We ended last year well. I want to start off on a personal family note (and end on one at the bottom, too), but allow me first to thank you all for your prayer and support, as well as for the special gifts given by some at Christmas. Mary & I celebrated our 33rd Anniversary on December 22nd. PTL! In December we took over 20 members of Hope Baptist Church out to the open-air markets in our new area for the first time to witness and pass out tracts. We went back a couple other times in the last two months. What a great feeling it was to be ministering in our new area for the first time. The people seem to be a bit harder in this, our new area, but God has already given us some spiritual fruit from there. Mary & I witnessed to a young lady there named Rosario. I then asked her, “If you died today in your condition, do you know for sure where you would go?” And she said, “Yes, I am sure I would go to hell.” Thankfully as we continued to share the gospel, her heart softened & changed as she bowed her head, repented and received Jesus as her Savior. Then her eternal destiny also changed from Hell to Heaven. We hope to get to witness to her husband soon, and who knows but that they may become one of the first families in our new church. We continue to have first-time visitors regularly at Hope Baptist Church. Very often all of the pew seats are full, which is a good problem. We witnessed to Rojelio while out knocking doors and he got saved. He then came church and his wife, Evonne, wondered what had happened to change him so much. So, the next Sunday she came to church with him, heard the gospel, and she too got saved. They both have been faithful to church since. Apart from our regular ministries, we continue with our Jewish and orphan outreach ministries. Please keep praying for a building in our new area for our new church.

We witness, preach, pass out tracts and invite people to church in the open-air markets weekly where people come for their physical needs, and we help them with their spiritual needs. These markets exist every day in many places all over Mexico City. Just in our very immediate area there are at least a couple dozen set up every week, meaning every day of the week we would have a few different open-air markets to go to in our area, and just a little further out, there are even more. Not to mention streets and plazas always full of people. If you don’t have a lot of opportunity to serve the Lord where you are, why not consider a week-long mission trip here, or stay even longer. It might even be that like with Jeremiah, your eye would affect your heart (Lamentations 3:51), and God might just call you to Mexico, or some other mission field. The worst case would be that you would be a blessing & encouragement to a missionary family, and your vision & heart would be affected for the remainder of your life. Near the end of last year was the biggest holiday in Mexico, bigger than Independence Day. But no, I am not referring to Christmas, but instead to the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, on December 12th, where people travel to Mexico City from all over Mexico and other countries to worship this “special” version of Mary. You are welcome to come anytime, but this would be an eye-opening time to come and to get to pass out thousands of gospel tracts to people who desperately need salvation.

One night after eating some street-tacos, I got very sick. I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me medication and performed a gastro-intestinal procedure. He said I had a bad case of food poisoning, but also a bad case of parasites. Please keep praying for Mary’s jaw. She has suffered from jaw pain for several months and can still only eat soft foods. Hannah & Mark had their baby last week, their third, Jessie Lynn. She was born, on January 25th, the day before my dad’s birthday. That now makes six grandchildren for Mary & I. Thanks again for everything. We are… “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5.

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family