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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter October 1, 2023 (Aug. ‘23. – Sep. ‘23)

Posted on September 28th 2023

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

October 1, 2023 (Aug. – Sep. ‘23)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name from Mexico City! Thanks for your prayers & support! God continues to do a good work here in Mexico City through His Holy Spirit, His gospel, His church and through prayer. Not long ago, I was witnessing to 20-year-old Carlos. After I shared the gospel with him, I asked him what he thought. He said, “At first I was mistaken thinking I was alright, but now I realize that I am a sinner and I need to be saved.” But he struggled to make a decision. He said, “I feel like I am in the middle of a tug-of-war. I know what I need to do, but I feel great resistance.” I said, “That is because there is a spiritual battle going on right now, and you are in the middle.” He paused quietly and after almost a minute he said, “Yes, I want to get saved” and he prayed, trusting Christ as Savior. We recently had a graduation ceremony for 8 of our students at our church’s Bible Institute and finished the summer semester. We have since begun the fall semester. We had a group of 9 visit us from the U.S. in August and helped us with our VBS. We saw some older children saved and adults. One of the days while out inviting people to VBS, a man named Adrian approached me. He said, “I need help – not money nor physical help, I need spiritual help.” He then said, “Maybe God sent you to find me and to help me find Him.” I then witnessed to Adrian, sharing the gospel with him and with tears in his eyes, he trusted Christ as Savior. We had a couple named Sual & Rosa that visited our church on Wednesday but didn’t get saved. They came back the following Sunday and got saved, and they have been faithful since. They witnessed to their daughter, also named Rosa, then invited her to church where she, too, got saved. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with 21-year-old Kevin recently who was working alone inside a small fruit & vegetable shop. As I spoke to him, at first, he seemed a bit nervous, but I believe it was conviction. Then, it seemed like one by one, people began to come in to buy things. I kept getting interrupted. Kevin sincerely seemed to want to listen, but of course his first priority was work. I found myself waiting for each person to leave and then picking up where I left off. It was a bit frustrating but as Kevin was helping a customer, I prayed that God would help us. Then, after that person left, Kevin said, “I really want to hear more about Jesus” and he shut the door and said, “Now let’s continue without the distractions.” What a blessing. After I finished talking to Kevin about salvation, he said, “I want to get saved” and he bowed his head, prayed and trusted Christ as Savior. He then thanked me and reopened the shop.

While knocking doors I witnessed to 21-year-old Geraldo. When I finished, I told him that we had to go to meet up with the rest of the group but he told me, “Don’t go yet. Please help me. I want to be saved,” and I was able to lead him to the Lord. We have had good church services but something interesting happened not long ago. A young man named Lalo told a family member that attends our church that was saved a few months ago, that he (Lalo) was having problems with his wife. When asked what the problem was, Lalo said that he used to worship Santa Muerte but stopped, but his wife still worships Santa Muerte. He then said she took some of his clothes to the Santa Muerte temple and placed them on the altar, asking Satan to get him. Lalo came to church and he said he didn’t know how real the power of Satan was, but that he believed in God and wondered if God’s power was greater than Satan. Lalo knew of the Lord, but didn’t know the Lord as his Savior. But after I preached and he heard the gospel, Lalo experienced the power of God, His Word, His Holy Spirit, and His Son, the Savior, and was born again. His arms had lots of tattoos of Santa Muerte, and he said, “I know I look bad on the outside, but now I feel so clean on the inside.” What a blessing. Last month we had our church’s anniversary & celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day and a mission conference. All went well and it looks like Hope Baptist Church will take on additional missionaries. While we were out in the open-air markets as a church last week, I was walking down a sidewalk, when a Jew approached me. After some general dialogue with him, I told him I was a gentile but loved the Jews. I then began to witness to him from the Old Testament, and he seemed surprised. As he thought about it, he said, “What you have said is very thought-provoking, but I must go now.” He then stuck his hand out like he wanted to shake my hand, but I noticed he had money in his hand. I said, “I can’t accept that as salvation is free and it was a pleasure to talk with you.” I pray he gets saved one day. We appreciate you all very much & are grateful for you. We pray for you all, too. We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family