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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter October 1, 2017 (Aug. ‘17 – Sep. ’17)

Posted on September 29th 2017

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,
October 1, 2017 (Aug. – Sep.  ’17)

It has been a good and interesting couple of months since our last printable prayer letter.  We held our first V.B.S. in August with the theme of Daniel.  It went very well until Hurricane Frank hit Mexico, and the rain made the last couple days difficult.  We did have some kids saved so that was a blessing.  We have had a lot going on in our church recently.  We had a baby shower in August and September.  We also celebrated our church’s one-year anniversary and Independence Day on the same day last month.  It was a nice time of mexican food & decorations and dressing up in authentic mexican clothing.

About a month ago we had a 8.2 earthquake felt strongly in Mexico City.  Two weeks ago we had the devastating 7.1 eathquake that killed over 300 people, injured about 5,000 and collapsed over 50 buildings downtown, just six miles from our home.  Praise the Lord that we are fine as are our church people.  Two aftershock quakes hit last week measuring 5.8 and 6.2.  In the midst of such sadness, God has used this tragedy to allow some to be saved.  One of many examples is Victor who was very relgious but unsaved.  After the 7.1 earthquake, I spoke to him about the brevity of life and the certainty of hell without Christ, because of our sins.  He teared up, then repented of his sin, trusting Christ as Savior.  On a separate note our Jewish ministry is slowly growing.  We met a Jewish lady named Cristianne over a month ago at a grocery store.  It was pouring down rain and her car broke down the day before.  She had intended to walk home but couldn’t because of the rain.  When we offered to take her home, she was reluctant with us being strangers, but then she agreed.  Last week we took bags filled with hygiene items, etc., including gospel tracts & John/Romans in each to help with the earthquake relief effort.  When we found the relief center, of the 37+ million people in Mexico City, guess who was in charge of receiving donations – yes, Cristianne.  We know God directs but when we placed the items in her hand, she said, “What a coincidence!  First as strangers you helped me; now you are helping needy Mexicans.  We have to meet soon as I want to find out what makes you so special.”  Pray that Cristianne would be saved soon and another door would be opened to help reach the Jews with the gospel here.

We have seen a good number saved the last couple months and have held several baptisms.  We continually have first time visitors almost every service.  We have a good group of members who have been faithful since our beginning a year ago, and we have many who have visited along the way and have become faithful, too.  The church is growing and many now participate in various responsibilities and positions including teaching, song leading, announcements, offerings, soul winning, visitation, etc.  As we have so many attending now from a bit farther away, I often have to make two trips to pick folks up and two trips to take them home.  We will very soon need a second church vehicle apart from out 15-passenger van.  Please continue to pray for our health & safety.  Pray also for a permanent church building soon.  It was a blessing that our van passed well a recent emission test which gives us much liberty with few restrictions to drive here for the next six months.

Thank you so much to all those who sacrificially give to our ministry.  I know God will bless your generousity for all of eternity, but you will also have spiritual fruit because of your part in the souls saved here.  We also appreciate those who pray for us regularly, as well as those who help us and encourage us in so many ways.  Thanks for everything!  We praise the Lord for you and pray for you all regularly.  We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.”  (2 Cor. 4:5).

Bro. Mike Wallace &Family