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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter August 1, 2021 (Jun. ‘21 – Jul. ‘21)

Posted on August 4th 2021

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

August 1, 2021 (Jun. – Jul. ‘21)

We arrived back in Mexico early in June to start our next term. Just before leaving Alabama where our parents live, Mary got to do chalk art and speak at a drug & alcohol rehabilitation center where one lady got saved. At the end of our furlough, I enjoyed not having to wear a mask much in the U.S., but they are stricter here. Though the precaution level was green when we arrived, masks were still required. The level changed to yellow, and now orange. Red is the next and last level which means full lockdown. Pray that doesn’t happen here for the ministry’s sake. Our drive back into Mexico went well in the van we imported, but we haven’t been able to drive it yet again since arriving due to problems with the importation documents. Please pray about this. Upon entering the country, we did have to pay some taxes on the ministry items. The Lord protected us from a small mob trying to get money out of us as soon as we crossed the border. The Lord also helped us avoid a few crashes on the way down, one being a very scary near miss with an 18-wheeler which crashed through the median guardrail into our lane, nearly hitting us.

Since we’ve returned, we been working with our old church, Hope Baptist Church, while unpacking and getting settled. Some of our furniture and clothes got wet while in storage and was ruined. We hope to start looking for a building this month in our new area to start our new church. We are glad to again be sending out a short weekly update known as “Mike & Mary’s Monday Message from the Mountains of Mexico City” for this new term. If you receive these weekly updates, and you’ve read them, you know that God is definitely at work here. You also know we have been packing the church’s vehicles full. Several times we have filled the 14-person vehicle with over 25 people, once nearly 35 people, as well as filling the bus. If you don’t get this update but would like to, email or text us using the contact information below, asking to be added to the update list.

We had good results from our recent VBS with eternal fruit, and we’re expecting to gain some new families from it. We had good attendance with 95 on the last day. Apart from VBS, we have seen people saved including Lalo, who was first moved by the our church sign “prepare yourself; Jesus is coming soon.” He had done some bad things, even while working as a police officer, but salvation changed His direction & life. We’ve had several baptisms, too, as well as people joining the church. Even some formerly faithful church members who hadn’t attended since the pandemic started, have recently returned. And more have told me they plan to return soon. There are a few new Christian men who feel called to preach and plan on enrolling in our Bible Institute this Fall. It has been a joy passing out thousands of tracts here again and preaching in the streets & open-air markets. Pray that the building we find for our next church will have a very large storage space to expand our gospel literature distribution. We are planning to have a large community outreach and presenting the gospel around Christmas. Brother Paul Deem with Direct Line Ministries said he could help us by giving us Christmas Joy Gift Bags if he gets enough participation from churches this year. If you would like more information, go to his website at:

A bit of family news in closing – our daughter & son-in-law’s new church plant in Colorado that started in June, is going well. Hannah is pregnant and due in February. Jenna, Joseph’s wife, is due this month. That will make 6 grandchildren. Remember, visitors are welcome here if you are interested in coming. Thanks you all so much for your prayers, support & encouragement. We really appreciate it. We are praying for you too. God bless! We are… “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family