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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter April 1, 2018 (Feb. ’18 – Mar. ’18)

Posted on April 1st 2018

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

April 1, 2018 (Feb. & Mar. ’18)

I trust you all had a good Resurrection Day today.  We did and we had some trust the risen Savior for salvation today.  For the last two months we have been working very hard to clean, paint, repair, and upgrade the large house we now have for our church.  We have a bookstore in one of the rooms where we are able to provide good additional material at cost for our people.  We had our first baby dedication last month after a father got saved and wanted God to help him lead his family biblically.  Apart from today, we have seen many saved and baptized since our last printable prayer letter sent in February.  We recently held a program for our church on personal evangelism that lasted several weeks.  Mary has begun music lessons for some of our church members which will be for the purpose of our church orchestra.  We also started a special Wednesday night program for children which is similar to Patch the Pirate and teaches biblical character traits in Spanish.  I helped train a man named Raymundo who has recently begun as my assistant.

Please be praying for another van for us as I run several routes before and after each service with just our personal van.  This makes for a completely full day Sunday without a break which is fine, but a second van would save me much time.  The good news is our van recently passed the emissions test well, so we can drive it daily for the next six months.   Pray also for us as we plan to have our first mission conference later this year and as we plan to start supporting missions.  We hope to combine the conference with our church anniversary and Mexico’s Independence Day.  This would be in September.

Please keep praying for our health & safety.  We had a wreck in our van in February, and even though it was not our fault, the bus company tried to blame us.  Being Americans, they threatened to take us directly to the judge and impound our van.  I sent out a quick text to our pastor, people prayed, and God answered.  We had another large earthquake in February.  Elections in Mexico begin in July but currently there is one politician assassinated every four days.  Mexico in on schedule this year to have the most violent year in the country’s history.  The U.S. recently ranked Mexico as the second most dangerous country in the world.  We are here by faith for the purpose of making a difference by the power of the gospel.

We will have a small group make a missions trip here in a couple weeks.  Afterwards, we have a pastor & wife that plans to visit near the first week of May and another pastor & wife that will visit near the end of May.  A couple others are planning trips here separately this year.  Let me know if your church has a group, couple, or individual that would like to visit.  Surprisingly, plane tickets to Mexico City can be very reasonable.  Mexico City being the second largest city in the world is quite a place to see, but more so seeing the spiritual need can have a great impact on the heart.

We had a church recently help replace our broken laptop that couldn’t be repaired.  What a blessing!   Thanks for your prayers, support, and encouragement.  We are not “lone rangers” here but in fact are an extension of our home church and a partner with other churches & people for God’s glory.  We are privileged and glad to be “…your servants for Jesus’ sake”  (2 Cor. 4:5) here in the mega-metropolis of Mexico City, Mexico.

Bro. Mike Wallace Family