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Mike Wallace Call

Mike Wallace’s Call To Preach And Missions

Not long after his salvation, Mike felt the need to reach the lost and a desire to do all he could for the gospel’s sake.  While in the Army stationed overseas in Europe in 1989, he began to see first-hand for the first time, many souls from many places needing the gospel.  When Mike & Mary moved from southern Germany to the Denmark border, they no longer had a church to attend.  They began to drive on the autobahn for 3 ½ hours one-way at over 110 miles per hour to get to the closest good English-speaking church.  They would leave at 6:00am for the morning service.  They would rest in a park in the afternoon and get home just before midnight after the evening service.  This was fine with for them but God began to show Mike that the other 200 soldiers and their families from his unit did not have a place to go to church.  It was then that God called Mike to preach.

They began having church in their apartment and saw souls saved and Christians encouraged.  Not long after, God reminded Mike of all the souls that he had seen while traveling in the 12 other European countries.  God impressed upon Mike’s heart how different they were from him in language and culture, but how exactly they were like him in the common need of salvation.  It was then that God called Mike to missions.

Upon returning to the states and leaving the military, the Wallaces helped in church planting.  Later they began to minister in rescue missions, nursing homes, at fairs, on the streets, in prisons, and with other evangelistic ministries.  Mike could not escape, however, the call on his life for foreign missions.

Mike obtained my Master Degree from an independent Baptist Bible College/Seminary.  Not long after this, Mary was diagnosed and treated for a rare and deadly cancer.  Soon thereafter, Mike contracted an unusual infection that hospitalized him and could have been fatal.  With these trials behind them, Mike & Mary realized the brevity of life and the need to reach others with the gospel before they die, especially on the foreign field where the need is so great.

While at Maplewood Baptist Church’s mission conference in Stow, Ohio, Mike heard missionary Verlis Collins from Mexico preach about the need of laborers in Mexico.  It was at this time that God called Mike and his family to be missionaries in Mexico.  The Wallaces then took two missions trips as a family to Mexico where God smote Mike’s heart and confirmed their call to Mexico as missionaries.  Late in August 2007 they made a survey mission trip to Mexico City where God confirmed the places around the city where He wanted them to begin evangelizing and to start churches.