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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter February 1, 2016 (Dec. ‘15 – Jan. ’16)

Posted on February 11th 2016

Dear Pastors, Churches & Friends,
December 1, 2015 (Oct. – Nov. ’15)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!  A belated Happy New Year to you all.  Thank you to those who sent special Christmas love offerings and/or cards to us.  Thanks also to those who pray for us and those who support us.  I trust you all had a good Christmas.  We were able to spend Christmas in Alabama with our parents and other family members.  Stephen and our other children (Joseph from California and Hannah, Mark & baby Jenna Grace from Colorado) all were able to visit us in Alabama during this time.  It was a bit difficult for Mary & her family as her dad was ill and hospitalized during the holidays.  He was later sent to a rehabilitation center but is now back home.  Please pray for his health and the rest of the family who are caring for him at this time.  Though we were sad for his illness, God’s timing is a blessing that these things have happened while we were home of furlough.  Hallelujah!

We have traveled the last couple months in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.  I am always grateful when people tell us they are … Read More »

Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter December 1, 2015 (Oct. – Nov. ’15)

Posted on December 4th 2015

Dear Pastors, Friends & Family,
December 1, 2015 (Oct. – Nov. ’15)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!  It is hard to believe this year is almost over.  Time truly does seem to go by fast.  Thanks to those who support us and pray for us.  I know God blesses such generousity and sacrifce.  We trust you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Though many things are not right in the U.S. & the world today, God has been so good to us and is worthy of our gratefulness.  Though we should be rejoicing daily all year long, it is a blessing to have a holiday like Thanksgiving specifically for this purpose.  Amen!  By the way, Mexico has no such holiday.  We hope you all will have a Merry Christmas in celebrating our Savior’s birth.

We are happy to announce that we are grandparents.  Our daughter Hannah and her husband Mark had their first child – Jenna Grace Martinez the October 9th – 8 pounds & 20 inches.  All went well for our daughter & our grandaughter.  Glory to God!

I had mentioned in the last prayer letter that we got rid of all of our furniture, appliances, etc., when we came out of Mexico so we … Read More »