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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter – June – July 2008

Posted on July 18th 2008

Pastors, Church Families, Friends & Family:

Jesus said in Mark 1:38, “…Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth.” We as Christians need to follow the Lord’s example in this passage and often go a little farther with the gospel, (even to the foreign field), because that’s why we’re here.

Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China once said, “It will not do to say that you have no special call to go … with these facts before you and with the command of the Lord Jesus to go and preach the gospel to every creature, you need rather to ascertain whether you have a special call to stay at home.” Another missionary, Ion Keith-Falconer, made a similar statement when he said, “While vast continents are shrouded in darkness… the burden of proof lies upon you to show that the circumstances in which God has placed you were meant by God to keep you out of the foreign mission field.” Not every Christian is called to go as far as these men, but maybe we could cover our town and then, “go into the next towns.” Amen!

When we stop as a family in a parking lot for some groceries, etc., we normally try to take a few minutes to canvass by placing gospel tracts on cars. Our hope and prayer is always that some lost soul (or souls) might take the time to read it, be convicted of their sin and call on the Savior to be born again. Recently while traveling I-70 in Indiana, the interstate we were on was temporarily closed and traffic came to a halt. The roads there looked like a parking lot. What do you do in times like this? Ask the Lord, which I did and He showed me what to do – the same as we do in other parking lots – walked up and down the cars giving gospel tracts to the people that were probably in a hurry but no place to go. Glory to God!

I recently helped a fellow missionary (John Dunbar of Ohio) drive a bus to a church/orphanage in Chihuahua, Mexico. It was a blessing to have another opportunity, even for a short time, to be back in Mexico, and see the people God has called us to, and to see souls saved there. This area of Mexico was crime and drug ridden as is most all of Mexico. Just days before arriving to the mountain villages, a neighboring drug cartel, trying to take over the current drug cartel’s territory, killed several police officers in the community and several innocent customers and gas attendants at a local gas station. While in this area, we experienced an unusual occurrence of God answering prayer for a family member to be saved. A lady at the missionary’s church was a Christian and prayed that her husband would be saved. Her husband, involved in drugs himself, sold some drugs but didn’t pay the dealer back the full amount. While we were there, the drug dealer found the man in town and ran him over with his car, but it didn’t kill the lady’s husband. The drug dealer then took the man up to a hill and threw him off to kill him. Unbeknownst to the drug dealer, by God’s providence, a tree near the top of the hill caught the man. The man later called for help and a local farmer rescued him and took him back to his home with his wife. A national pastor that I was with went to their home, witnessed to the man and he got saved. Sadly, he later died, but narrowly escaped Hell. Hallelujah! I ventured out alone in the streets there in Mexico one day. As I walked down a back street, I felt like someone was watching me, but when I would turn around, I saw nothing. Finally, as I turned a corner, I saw three men about my age hide behind a tree. I was a little nervous. When they realized I saw them, they said they wanted what I had in my waste bag. So, I complied. I gave each of them a few different Chic tracts in Spanish. They were surprised too, but readily took and contently began to read them. Praise the Lord for His safety!

We are busy on the phones, to the post office, in churches and witnessing as we go. Our desire is to be on the field soon but it’s a blessing it is along the way to meet good Christians, be in good churches and to see God work to save souls and encourage his people. Glory to God!

Well, I must close. Please pray for us as we will for you. Bye for now.

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family