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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter June 1, 2021 (Apr. ‘21 – May. ‘21)

Posted on May 30th 2021

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,
June 1, 2021 (Apr. – May ‘21)

I want to begin by thanking you for your prayers & support, which make possible the spread of the gospel to Mexico City. I never want to get used to being a Christian, nor accustomed to being saved. Neither do Mary & I ever want to take for granted your involvement in our ministry. As our furlough has come to an end, we want to thank the pastors & churches who have allowed us to present our ministy and give an update. We also appreciate the hospitality, fellowship & generosity we received in our travels. We enjoyed recently being able to be with our daughter, Hannah, & her family at our home church during their mission conference. We also were able to see our sons, Stephen, and Joseph & his family a few times on furlough. Joanna & Joseph are expecting their third child (a girl) in August, and that will be our fifth grandchild.

We just returned from Mexico City a few days ago as we went there to find a new apartment in a new area to plant a new church. We return there in about 1 ½ weeks after we get our van nationalized in Mexico on the border. We already have our first group scheduled to come visit us in November and are excited about that. If you, or a couple, or a family, or small church group would like to come for a missions trip, we would love to have you; just let us know. We did find an apartment last week, but it wasn’t where we thought it would be. We could not find any semi-safe apartments near the new area we feel called God has called us to. But our new apartment is in a different area and a place where I felt the Lord wanted us to plant another church one day. I believe from this apartment during this term, God might allow us to plant two churches; one where we felt led this term as well as another in the area we will be living. This new area also is close to the Jews to allow us to continue the outreach ministry to them, as well as close to the orphans to allow us to continue ministering to them. Apart from these two ministries, please continue to pray for the other new ministries God has put on our heart (e.g., schools, military bases, hospitals, soccer fields, drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers, radio, etc.). By the way, if the Lord tarries, I have a list of about 10 places in our general area of the city that need a church but doesn’t have one. I hope the Lord allows us to plant possibly two each term unless He returns first. By the way, there are more places throughout Mexico City that need churches. If the Lord might be dealing with you about missions or the ministry, though I might never be able to reach these other areas, I would be glad to help show them to you and help you start a work there, if the Lord would call you to missions and Mexico, specifically the area of Mexico City. During our visit last week, apart for hunting apartments, we were able to visit Hope Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Esperanza) that we started in 2016. They are doing well. Just before we left for furlough last year, Juan Carlos began to attend church, as did Fernanda. When we were there last week, they said, “You were our pastor when we got saved & baptized each of us, and we want to get married.” So we will have a wedding for them, maybe in late June. There is another young lady in the church, Karen, that wants to get married. I am happy to report good attendance, a good spirit and unity at the church, too. A couple people were saved and will be baptized this month. I gave them their own copy of God’s Word, and they will be discipled. I remember five year ago during our last term when we began looking for an apartment, people approached us and said, “This is a dangerous area and you need to be very careful.” While looking for this new apartment, we were told the very same thing. Even the realtor that helped us find the place was really hesitant and surprised that we wanted to live in such an area. Elections in Mexico will be in just a few days. During the last elections four years ago, over 150 political candidates were murdered. This has been another violent & deadly campaign season for many Mexican politicians as their rivals gain the victory when the eliminate their competition by murder. As we told some that we had to get a covid test in Mexico to return to the U.S., many laughed and said some pharmacies that do the tests also still help launder money for a well-known drug cartel leader who is currently in a federal penitentiary in the United States. Whether it be a corrupt politician, or a cartel leader, or your average poor Mexican, the solution to all these is the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you were on the list early last year and received our short email update every Monday called, “Mike & Mary’s Monday Message from the Mountains of Mexico City,” you will begin receiving those again later this month. If you are not on the list, but would like to be, just email our text us to let us know. Thanks for everything. We are praying for you too. God bless! We are… “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family