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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter June 1, 2018 (Apr. & May ’18)

Posted on June 4th 2018

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

June 1, 2018 (Apr. & May ’18)

April started well with a church breakfast before the morning service on Easter/Resurrection Day Sunday. We had some visitors that morning and several were saved. I led a man to the Lord a couple years ago named Patrick, but he moved away to another part of Mexico. He moved back here a couple weeks before Easter and brought his cousin Javier to the Resurrection Day service. Javier got saved. Pedro is another man who visited our church in April. He had attended a “Christian church” for many years but upon visiting our church, he heard the gospel clearly. He said, “they never taught me about salvation in my church” and he & his wife both got saved. Cesar & Erika had visited our church a few times last year but had not come in a while until recently. When they came back to our church, Cesar got saved and Erika got assurance of salvation. I put up a large church sign up at church and included a phrase that translates “Prepare yourself, Jesus is coming soon!” Julio was walking by one Wednesday and saw the sign. He came to church that night and said, “The sign says to get prepared for Jesus’ coming, and I want find out how to get prepared.” Julio was saved that night. We had a young neighbor couple named Isabela & Alfredo that visited our church recently. They also attended another “Christian church” about an hour away, but when they heard the gospel preached, they realized they were not saved and both received Christ in tears. We had a few men visit in April from Calvary Baptist Church, Akron, OH including Pastor Furman. It was a great time. We took them to the pyramids on the north side of the city and while there, they made a short video of our ministry. After it was over two ladies (one from the U.S. and one from Germany) had been listening to us and asked us some questions. Mary then began witnessing to them, and shortly thereafter, they both were saved. A new Christian young man in our church named Inocente invited his co-worker, Carlos, to church in May and Carlos got saved. Sadly a few days later Inocente was robbed and pistol-whipped at work, but he is recovering well now. A young man named Manuel was selling used items at a local market, and I sat down and witnessed to him. As I showed him the verses in the Bible he said, “I can’t read, but tell me again what it says so I can hear it again.” Manuel then bowed his head and received Christ as Savior. Early last week a lady named Alejandra got saved and then attended church Wednesday and Sunday. With the many that have been saved we are planning a baptism soon. We had Pastor Musgrave from Ohio and Pastor Leonard from Pennsylvania visit our church recently. Our people really loved their preaching, and we saw some saved as a result.

Our ladies went for the first time to a ladies’ conference and really enjoyed it. Mary wasn’t able to attend as her dad was very ill and hospitalized, so she flew to Alabama. A few days after she got back we made a trip to Texas to pick up Bibles & tracts, and also had some doctors & dentist appointments. Mary had a serious bought with parasites, and the gastroenterologist said she had several types of parasites. He gave her a series of medications, and she seems better now. I contracted influenza B & bronchitis about the same time. We received good news that we now have enough money to buy a van to help our growing church. We are planning for our first missions conference in September which also is the same time as our church’s second anniversary and Mexico’s Independence Day. We’re also planning for VBS. Our son & daughter-in-law Joseph & Joanna announced that their first child will be a boy due in August. Our daughter & son-in-law Hannah & Mark announced they will be having their second child in November. Thank you for everything! We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake” (2 Cor. 4:5).

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family