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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter December 1, 2022 (Oct. – Nov. ‘22)

Posted on December 1st 2022

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

December 1, 2022 (Oct. – Nov. ‘22)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name from Mexico City! We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Mary & I are so thankful to the Lord for you all and for your involvement in our ministry. Thank you so very much for your prayers and support. These last two months as usual, have been very busy with all of our regular ministries (streets, markets, door-knocking, rehab. center, orphans, etc.). We have had a bit less involvement in the Jewish outreach ministry since September, but apart from visiting our current Jewish contacts, we plan to do a bit more outreach this month to the Jews especially as they celebrate Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights. We had special Hanukkah tracts made for this event. Our Bible Institute Fall semester ended last week, and we have more new students that plan to enroll in January. A couple more of our men recently indicated they believe God has called them to the ministry and to preach. We continue to have first-time visitors almost every week, and see people saved regularly. We have had many baptisms in the last couple months. Recently, Israel and Ana received our church tract & flyer in the market and within an hour they called me to inquire. They were having some problems and were considering looking for a church when they got our info. They took it as a sign from God, and it was. They came to church that night and got the help they needed – salvation, trusting Christ, being born-again. María de los Ángeles is another lady who had problems and came to church looking for help. Her son was recently arrested so she came to church and realized she was lost and a prisoner to sin, until she trusted Christ that night and was saved. We met a man in the market named David that was blind, but we invited him to church. Though he could not see, he could hear, and he heard the gospel. God then opened his “spiritual eyes” and he “saw” his need for salvation and trusted Christ. I shared the gospel with Luis last month, a local gang member. He struggled to believe he could be pardoned and saved, but as I witnessed more to him, he put his faith in Christ and was born again. We did a big outreach to a new area recently. That day we had about two hundred present in church, with about seventy-five first-time visitors, many of them being saved and baptized. Please pray about a huge outreach we are planning for the Day of the Kings on January 7th & 8th. We are hoping to have hundreds attend and are praying that many will get saved.

Last month Mexico had the evil days of Halloween & the Day(s) of the Dead. We took advantage of it to get the gospel out and even led a few people to the Lord in the cemetery & just outside the gate. Mary had finished a rough time with back problems and as soon as that went away, she contracted a bad case of parasites, bacteria, and amoebas, and was in the hospital for about a week. The gastroenterologist said I most probably had the same, just not as bad yet, and he prescribed me powerful meds, too, to help. Please keep praying for our health & safety. A young man in our church, José, had been out of church for a while and was kidnapped last month. This is not the first time we have had a church member kidnapped. Often it results in murder, but thankfully José escaped, and has begun coming back to church. They say that Mexico City is the kidnapping capital of the world. What is more common, and actually very common is that our people get their phones & money stolen in public transportation or just walking the streets. Not too long ago our assistant pastor, Alvaro, was choked unconscious from behind on the subway and they took his phone & wallet. Mary and I seldom use public transportation any more for this reason.

Allow me to close with an idea. If you are in Bible college or institute, or have a burden or call to missions, why not consider an internship here. We could help you find housing; you could learn the language locally; you could get experience in the church; if you have had no official Bible training, you could enroll in our institute. And maybe the Lord might call you to stay to minister in this city of millions, or some other part of Mexico, or maybe some other part of the world, or even maybe return to the U.S. to help start a Spanish ministry in an English church. Who know what God’s plan might be for you. Or maybe you could just come help us if for no other reason but to be a blessing to us and the people here. As this year is quickly coming to an end I want to extend an invitation for anyone interested to visit us next year for a mission trip. Now is the time to make plans. Please let us know if you, a married couple, your family, or a group from your church would like to come. Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! We are … “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family