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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter December 1, 2019 (Oct. ’19 & Nov. ’19)

Posted on December 2nd 2019

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

December 1, 2019 (Oct. – Nov. ’19)

We trust you had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Mary & I are so thankful for many things including folks like you that pray for us and support us.  We are planning a quick trip back to the Texas border on Monday, December 16th, just for a few days to pick up the other half of our Bibles and tracts.  Please pray for our safety and that our van runs well for this long drive.  We made a trip in October to the border, but the Mexican customs did not allow us to enter since our van was completely full to the roof.  We had to leave half but still had to pay 16% taxes on what we brought in, and we will do the same later this month.  However, praise God that we are able to go through so much gospel literature.  Lord willing, we will also be picking up Christmas Joy Gift Bags a few hours south of the border on our way back.  Please keep praying for our health and safety.  Mary has been in physical therapy twice a week for about two months now to help her with the muscle pain she has in her neck, back and right arm.  She feels somewhat better but still has this month to go before she sees her doctor again to determine her progress.  She also had some kidney and intestinal problems, but after seeing specialists, she is better.  I have had some stomach and lung issues as well, but God has given much grace and help.

It is a blessing to see all of the people saved here recently and watching many become faithful to church.  Even though we made 10 new, long benches, often the church is totally full and some have to stand.  The music ministry is going well at our church as well.  The director of the orphanage recently asked if Mary could teach a Bible devotion along with her normal music lesson.  What a blessing to tell these girls about the love of God who’s a Father to the fatherless (Psalms 68:5).  Mary recently shared with a Jewish lady with whom she meets weekly that Jesus is the Messiah.  These were very strong words but well received.  Keep praying for our Jewish ministry. I preached a sermon last month on sickness and salvation.  During the welcome song, one of the ushers told me someone wanted to see me downstairs.  I hesitated to be interrupted, but I went down quickly and met a young man named Marcos. (I’m not really sure how many verses of our welcome song Mary played before our return.)  Marcos explained he had a serious abdominal cancer, had previous surgeries, and was due for another surgery that week.  He asked for financial assistance, and I told him he first had to come hear the preaching.  During the preaching, Marcos, not sure of his destiny if he were to die, was convicted of his sin and trusted Christ as his Savior.  After he was saved, I presented Marcos with a love offering.  He came for a physical need not knowing he had a spiritual need, and God graciously met both.  Apart from good church services and regular door knocking, we have taken church to the people by street-preaching a lot lately.  Feeling the burden that our church people develop a more serious prayer life, I have taught a lot on prayer the last couple months and added more times for group prayer – and God is answering.  One matter of prayer has been an emphasis on witnessing, as well as for visitors and people to be saved.   One Wednesday night last month we had 24 first-time visitor and 9 saved.  Another great story is of Maria who was recently saved, and was so excited about her salvation that her two girls were so amazed at the sudden change that they came with her to the church’s Saturday soul-winning.  Out of the 43 people that came out that day, the 2 girls were the only ones who had not been saved.  We witnessed to them before we went out, and they were both gloriously saved.  They said they knew the change that recently happened to their mom had to be real, and they were ready and wanted to have Christ in their lives too.  We have had baptisms and baby-dedications in the last two months and are planning another wedding.  The owner of the kindergarten where our church started out passed away suddenly last month.  I got to preach at his service to about 300 people telling them of his salvation testimony and preaching the gospel to them.

Our son, Joseph, is currently a youth pastor in Mississippi.  Pray for him and his family as they are moving to Colorado this month.  Also pray for our daughter and son-in-law, Mark and Hannah as their family plans to start deputation next year to plant a church in Boulder, Colorado, and Joseph and his family plan to help.  Mary and I plan to start our furlough next year.  If you would like us to visit, please email, call, or text me soon.  We are booking for June 2020 through May 2021.  I would like to have all of our supporting churches that are interested to be scheduled by the end of this year.  Thanks for everything!    We are “… your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5.

Bro. Mike Wallace &Family