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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter December 1, 2018 (Oct. – Nov. ’18)

Posted on December 3rd 2018

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

December 1, 2018 (Oct. – Nov. ’18)

We hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  Our newest (third) grandchild, Josiah Daniel Martinez, was born on November 14th.  We have had a great couple of months with folks saved, baptized, joining the church, and discipled. Thanks for your prayers & support.  We can’t thank you enough.  We took 24 teens on an activity with games, food & preaching, and two were saved.  We have many couples that are newly saved and now realize the importance of being legally married.  So we are planning a large group wedding on December 8th.  Mary spoke at a ladies meeting at another church in October, and she has been invited to speak at a conference to a large group of ladies from many churches on December 15th.  Our ladies are looking forward to it as is Mary.  We are also planning an evangelistic outreach at Christmas with preaching of the gift of salvation, and gifts will be given to the children.

God is growing our church transportation and subsequently growing our church, or you could say, God is growing our church and subsequently growing our church transportation.  Along with our two church vans we will be buying a small bus any day now due to the generosity of one small church in Ohio.  All three vehicle are filled to capacity already – Praise the Lord!

Please keep praying for our health & safety.  Most know of Mary’s long health struggle with digestive problems due to amoebas.  In the last weeks she has seen several doctors in Texas & Colorado, and had CT scans, tests, and another colonoscopy & endoscopy, etc.  It was determined in spite of a strong regimen of potent medicines including powerful antibiotics that Mary still has four types of amoebas, e-coli, and heavy metal poisoning.  She will be starting a new natural approach next week to try to help with this.  I recently received a personal threat, so I would appreciate your spiritual intercession about this.  I have been shot at and had a gun pointed at my head, but this the first time that someone intentionally sought me for harm.  We hear gun fire outside our window daily, and people die daily as a result, but now we are even more cautious and appreciate your prayers very much.

As our church grows, so does the need for seating.  In 2019 we will remodel the church to make more room.  Our new auditorium should seat around 200 people.  We continue to paint and landscape outside the church.  Pray about a large piece of land our neighbor offered to sell us across the street from the church, or that we would be able to buy our current building during this term.  I wish I had space to share the salvation testimony of many who have been recently saved, but allow me to do so for just one.  Some of our men had been trying to build church benches, but the process was very slow.  I hired a man named Antonio not knowing he was involved in the Santa Muerte (patron saint of death) and possibly had ties with the cartel.  I witnessed to him on a few occasions and invited him to church, and he finally came and was born again.  I asked him immediately after he was saved if there was anything I could do for him.  He said, “Yes, take a picture with me please as I never want to forget this day – the best day of my life becoming a child of God.”  He has been faithful now for over a month to almost every service.  Let me comment briefly about another man named Reveriano who was saved, and after church he asked me what was tithing.  When I explained he said he wanted to begin tithing, and I told him he was welcome to the following service.  He then told me he wanted to start his Christian life off right and refused to go home that night until tithing, and he did, even though the service was over.

Thanks for your interest in us, missions, Mexico & Mexico City and for taking time to read this.  We pray for you all, too, and count it a privilege to partner with you in the Great Commission.  We are “… your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5.

Bro. Mike Wallace &Family