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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter August 1, 2022 (Jun. – Jul. ‘22)

Posted on July 28th 2022

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

August 1, 2022 (Jun. – Jul. ‘22)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name from Mexico City! We have had two real busy & good months since we last wrote you. Thanks for your prayers and support which make it all possible. We have seen souls saved, baptized, join the church, and discipled recently. In general, Mexicans don’t smile, but we have seen many smiles recently as people sense the joy of the burden of sin lifted as they repent, trusting Christ as Savior. Others, equally moved, but moved to tears as they realize the grace of God rescuing them from eternal damnation. We knock doors, witness in the open-air markets, everywhere, even recently at the pyramids not far away where I was able to lead a grounds keeper there, Juan Ignacio, to the Lord. I had witnessed to another young man named Giovanni a couple months ago here locally. Mary then witnessed to him a couple weeks later. I then saw him again, and again witnessed to him, and he got saved. When I then asked him where he would go when he died, pointing up he said with a big smile “Heaven.” I also witnessed to a young man named Axel a little over a month ago, but he didn’t get saved. I later found out he went home and though unsaved, shared the gospel with his sister, Natalia. The next week I saw Axel again and witnessed to him again, and he got saved. He then said, “My sister is here. I shared some of what you told me before, but will you talk to her?” So, I then met Natalia and shared the gospel with her, and she too got saved. One day while witnessing recently in the open-air markets, I led a young man named Aaron to the Lord. This has never happened to us before but at the same time, five feet away from me, Mary was leading an older lady named Alejandra to the Lord.

We’ve even had the opportunity recently to witness to several Jews. Though they didn’t get saved, they realized according to their own teachings the need of a sacrificial lamb, who we know is Jesus, the Lamb of God (“which taketh away the sin of the world.” John 1:29). That is the gospel call, to preach to Jews & Gentiles, sharing with both about the only One True Savior. I believe that is what churches and missionaries should do according to the Great Commission -GO, PREACH THE GOSPEL, BAPTIZE and TEACH (Disciple). We have had a few separate groups of visitors with us these last couple months. We had a father and his daughter that just graduated from high school visit. We also had three young ladies who graduated from Bible college with mission majors visit. We also had a missionary just finishing deputation on the way to the mission field visit. To me, these three groups seem sequential in the process of mission – 1.) not in college yet, 2.) graduated with mission degrees, and 3.) a missionary now going to the field. Everyone is welcome to visit us here, even if you are not called to missions. It can be rough here, though. I had my van window broken out one week, then the week following, the same day with our visitors, we were hit twice in our van. We are just finishing another semester of Bible Institute, preparing men and women for the ministry. A man in our church named Nicolas recently told me that he believes God is calling him to preach. We have had a few one-day Bible clubs in various areas around us and have seen people saved, baptized, and attend the church. One Sunday in July we had 10 baptized in church. Needing much gospel literature, we recently made a trip to the border and picked up over 50 cases of gospel tracts, most being Chick tracts. Thanks for those who helped with this. We were stopped by the cartel on the way back but thank God nothing happened. Apart from having people visit our church from many parts of Mexico, we recently had people visit from Venezuela and Columbia. Mary recently completed recording her music with a Christian couple about 6 hours north of here and the man is from Peru.

We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family