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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter August 1, 2015 (Jun. – Jul. ’15)

Posted on September 6th 2015

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,
August 1, 2015 (Jun. – Jul. ’15)

We took Chucho, a 9-year-old boy in our church in Mexico that has Cerebral Palsy (CP), a few hours away in June to get his first wheel chair. It was free from a ministry and custom fit for him to help improve his physical life. The news of Chucho’s “new wheels” got around quickly to the neighbors and it helped us meet Dulce & Jaime. They too have young child who is 11 and has CP. This opened up the door for us to offer help and witness to them. Dulce saw the love of God in us, then she heard the gospel and was saved. Amen! Dulce’s children all came to church recently.

I mentioned in the last letter the change salvation made in Lupe’s life, who was a drunkard and brawler. Well, the same is true with Victoria, the Jewish lady that was saved recently. She was a smoker & drinker who was always nervous and saw a psychiatrist weekly but now she has peace from the Prince of Peace, Jesus, her Messiah & Savior.

One Saturday in June, Mary and I were passing out tracts. After giving a tract to a lady and her daughter, they asked if we spoke English. We said yes and they asked if we could help them as a family member of theirs had problems in the United States. Since they didn’t speak English, they didn’t understand some details and needed assistance. We agreed to help and they asked where they could meet us – the obvious answer – “church.” So they came the next day on Sunday and got the help they needed most – they heard the gospel and got saved. Hallelujah!

I failed to mention an answer to prayer some time ago until just now remembering it while writing this letter. Mary was scheduled to attend a ladies conference recently in Mexico but couldn’t due to a bad pulled muscle in her back. Anyhow, Mary attended this same ladies conference last year and at that time, she couldn’t play & teach the piano, guitar, etc., due to severe pain in her elbow. She went to the doctor a few times but they couldn’t help. When Mary went to the conference, she took an air mattress as they were to sleep on a concrete floor during that time. Mary knew sleeping directly on the hard floor would cause even more pain in her elbow, not to mention being eye level with cockroaches for several nights. That week, a pregnant lady was attending the conference, too, and Mary chose to give her the air mattress. Immediately after the conference, apart from the singing, prayer, and good teaching, the Lord healed Mary’s elbow pain after several months of suffering. Praise the Lord! Truly, “…It is more blessed to give, than to receive, (Acts 20:35)” but isn’t it like our good Lord many times to bless us when we give and meet our needs that haven’t been met by other means? Today, Mary’s elbow is still pain free and I am reminded that almost 15 years ago, other doctors gave Mary only about a year to live after her cancer and today she is happily rejoicing and serving her Savior (alongside her husband and family). God truly is good! Glory to God!

Thanks for your prayers and support. “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you.” (2 Thes. 3:1) We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” (2 Cor. 4:5)

Bro. Mike Wallace and Family