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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter April 1, 2017 (Feb. ‘17 – Mar. ’17)

Posted on April 3rd 2017

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,
April 1, 2017 (Feb. & Mar. ‘17)

I wrote two months ago that I was in Mexico and Mary was in California caring for Joseph.  Two months have passed and I am still here in Mexico and Mary is still there in the United States.  Joseph’s neurosurgeon ordered him a special electromagnetic harness to wear four hours daily to help the cadaver bones fuse with his own neck bones.  Joseph will have his next CT scan on April 17th and we will know the status of his neck’s recovery just before his May 3rd graduation.  Please pray that if they are not already, the cadaver bones would begin growing into his own neck bones in the next few weeks.  They should have already done so a few months ago and if they don’t before this next CT scan, Joseph will have to start over and have surgery to reconstruct his neck.  We do covet your prayers for Joseph.  Thanks for those who get our weekly email updates and have prayed for Mary, too.  Mary survived a rare & aggressive cancer over 15 years ago.  Recently her blood work came back showing concerning levels and problems with her liver & thyroid function.  She also had high levels of protein in her blood.  She had several outpatient procedures and tests last month resulting in a four biopsies.  The endoscopy revealed she had a problem with her stomach.  They did an ultrasould on her entire abdomen.  Another imaging procedure showed a large mass and smaller mass-like objects.  Further investigation indicated a second large mass.  The doctor then ordered two more imaging tests.  Things seemed very alarming and the doctor was planning for surgery, etc.  We decided to trust the Lord and ask for prayer.  In spite of the bad blood results, biopsies & imaging, organ abnormalities, masses, etc., we got word two days ago of a clean bill of health with no problems.  How can that be?  How is that possible?  The reason is because God is good & answers prayer, and sometimes he choses to do a miracle.  Other times he choses to give extra grace.  Either way, we know we can trust Him!  I am sorry for so much focus on our family’s medical issues in this letter.

Things are going well on the mission field here in Mexico.  After starting our church last Fall, we had 4 ½ months of new first-time visitors every week.  That cycle finally ended in February but how exciting that was.  We are still excited because we normally run about 50 people and we have a good core group who not only attends faithfully, but many help with music, cleaning, announcements, offerings, teaching, door-to-door evangelism, etc.  Praise the Lord also for those who have been saved.  I have been teaching a series on Baptism and we should have a Baptism service soon.  Since our last printable prayer letter that we send out every other month, Mary and I both received our nationalization and our official permanent Mexican residency.  Yesterday I finally was able to register our van and get our license plates & insurance.  I now have to get an emission test to determine which days I can drive weekly.

Please continue to pray for our health & safety.  Please continue to pray that people will keep getting saved.  Pray also that our young church & young Christians would continue to grow.  Keep praying for a permanent church building.  I am thankful that the landlord of our temporary location has extended us the opportunity to continue to rent while we look for a permanent place.  His deadlines for us to leave have come and gone a three times so we are grateful that he is working with us.  Thanks for your prayers, support, and encouragement.  It means more to us that you could ever know.  We pray for you all, too.  We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.”  (2 Cor. 4:5).

Bro. Mike Wallace Family