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Mike Wallace Testimony

Mike Wallace’s Testimony of Salvation

Mike grew up in a religious home with good parents.  He was taught good character traits, good morals and a good work ethic.  He attended church practically every Sunday morning from a young boy until his mid-teens.  Although he was religious and taught to be “good,” it did not take him long to realize that there was an internal problem (i.e. sin nature) in his personal life.  In high-school, he began to hang around the “wrong crowd.”  While attending a rock-and-roll concert in high school, he saw a gospel tract in the bathroom and the message on the cover intrigued him.  Later, an acquaintance of his in high school, also in the “wrong crowd” got saved and became a totally different person in front of his eyes.  This too, caught Mike’s attention. He continued with the “wrong crowd” in college and joined a fraternity.  He desired so much to understand the meaning to life and to understand what it was that was so evidently missing in his life.

Though raised in the “Bible-belt,” for the first 20 years of his life he had never heard a clear presentation of the gospel.  He was never told that he needed to be saved, nor how to be saved.  He had never been witnessed to, nor given a tract, nor invited to church.  At the age of 22, he visited a Baptist church for the first time with his wife-to-be.  At that church, he heard for the first time the truth about salvation from the Word of God about his sin and his need of the Savior.  He visited the church again the following Sunday on May 1, 1988, and trusted Christ after hearing the gospel preaching sermon and was born again.