The Wallace Family - Independent Baptist Missionaries to Mexico City

The Wallace's Sending & Supporting Church

Our Pastor

Pastor Rick Fox

"What a joy it is for me to recommend to you the Wallace family.  They have been very faithful servants in our ministry here at First Baptist.  Teaching in Sunday School, preaching in junior church, singing in the choir, performing special music, starting a puppet ministry, and filling the pulpit in my absence.  The Wallace family are true servants of God.  They have a sincere desire to see the lost come to Christ.  The family ministers in prisons, on the streets, in nursing homes, at church, and many times out of the country.

I have a tremendous amount of confidence in the Wallace family.  If I were as asked to describe them I think that I would do it by saying that they are well rounded.  They have the strength of good solid Bible standards and at the same time they display the beauty of kindness and compassion.  They stand firmly for truth but at the same time never leave out mercy. 

It has been an honor and great joy to pastor the Wallace family and I can fully recommend them to you as missionaries.  They are the real deal."

Dr. Rick Fox – Pastor

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Our Church's Role In Our Ministry

The First Baptist Church of Kenmore is our sending church, but also our support Agency.  Please send all financial support or direct inquiries to:

First Baptist Church of Kenmore
2330 East Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44314

Telephone: (330) 745-3619

NOTE:  Make support checks to the First Baptist Church of Kenmore and put "Mike Wallace/Missionary to Mexico" in the memo block of the check.