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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter December 1, 2023 (Oct. ‘23. – Nov. ‘23)

Posted on November 27th 2023

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

December 1, 2023 (Oct. – Nov. ‘23)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name from Mexico City! We notice a few good patterns here that we have seen again these last two months. First, we see people saved that we witness to because their family members are Christians. Mary witnessed to Melissa and she was saved. Afterwards, Melissa shared a story how her mom who lived in another part of Mexico read the Bible faithfully, prayed, always went to church and was so happy. But Melissa’s mom died recently. Melissa then asked Mary “Now that I am a Christian, will I see my mom again in Heaven?” to which Mary responded “yes” then Melissa gave Mary a big hug. A man in our church named Valdemar witnessed to a lady named Mariana. She said she had a family member that entered into the U.S. (maybe illegally) and he got saved at a Baptist church that had a Spanish ministry. Her family member had been witnessing to her and then she told Valdemar, “I now understand. I want to be saved” and she trusted Christ as Savior. Mary & I knocked on a lady’s door named Trinidad who was a Christian. Trinidad prayed Friday that God would help her find a good church and we knocked her door the next day. She then came Sunday where I preached about the importance of witnessing. She then witnessed to her husband, Carlos, for a couple weeks. Our Assistant Pastor, Alvaro, went to pick up Trinidad to bring her to church. Alvaro had the opportunity to witness to Carlos and he got saved. Carlos has now been coming to church with his wife, Trinidad. A young man named Giovanni got saved a few months ago, then baptized and married had been witnessing to his dad, Hector. Giovani and his wife, Nancy invited Hector and he came to church a couple weeks ago. After I preached the gospel, Hector got saved. He then told me, “I’d like to continue to follow my son’s example and get baptized & married.” His wife, Graciela, was saved about a year ago in our church. Another lady named Nancy came to church for the first time several weeks ago. Her mother, Olga, came a couple months ago and got saved. Olga then began to witness to her sister and her daughter, Nancy. Olga’s sister came about a month ago and got saved. Then they both began to witness to Nancy. Then when Nancy came to church and I preached the gospel, she got saved. A second pattern we see is how God uses circumstance to present opportunities to witness. I have been sick with a bad sinus infection for two months now due to the pollution. I have had five appointments with my Jewish doctor during this time and what a perfect opportunity to witness with all that is going on in Israel. One Sunday recently after church services, we went as a church to the open-air markets to witness. As we pulled over our church vans to park, a motorcyclist coasted & parked in between our vans. He, Kevin, was having problems with his motorcycle. As he sat there, Pastor Alvaro approached him, began to witness to him and Kevin got saved. As we were about to leave the markets that day, Alvaro was waiting in one church van for our people to return, when a bus got too close and clipped our church van mirror. The driver, Jesus, got out and apologized, and said he was willing to pay for any damage, as it was his fault. Alvaro said it wasn’t necessary and Jesus said, “That’s good news.” Then Alvaro said, “I’ve got even better news. Do you want to hear it? To which Jesus agreed, hearing the gospel and was saved.  Another pattern we see is of migrants from other countries passing though Mexico & Mexico City. The biggest group of these has been Venezuelans. They come to our church and some get saved. Then, they invite their other national friends who come and some get saved. They then tell others who are traveling towards Mexico City to visit our church and as they arrive later, some get saved. What a blessing.

Space will not allow me to share much more of what good has happened recenly, but I will mention just a few things. We’ve had some baptized lately. We got the gospel out to many during the Day(s) of the Dead. Mary & I made a quick trip to a supporting church in Ohio last month where Mary shared her chalk art & spoke at a ladies’ meeting Saturday. Mary then taught the ladies’ Sunday school & I taught the mens’, and I preached the 2 services. When we got back to Mexico, we had a pastor friend from Cuba, who also has a Jewish outreach ministry, preach on “Israel & the Middle East” explaining what is happening in the world today related to Israel and why. Apart from our health, please also keep praying for our safety. There was a shooting two doors down on one side of our church recently where one person was killed. A few days later, there was a shooting two doors down on the other side of our church. We hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your prayers & support of us. Merry Christmas! We are “…your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Bro. Mike Wallace & Family