The Wallace Family - Independent Baptist Missionaries to Mexico City

Mike Wallace's Testimony of Salvation

I grew up in a religious home with good parents.  I was taught good character traits, good morals and a good work ethic.  I attended church practically every Sunday morning from as early as I can remember until my mid-teens.  Although I was religious and taught to be "good," it did not take me long to realize that there was an internal problem (i.e. sin nature) in my personal life.  In high-school, I began to hang around the "wrong crowd."  While attending a rock-and-roll concert in high school, I saw a gospel tract in the bathroom and the message on the cover intrigued me.  Later, an acquaintance of mine in high school, also in the "wrong crowd" got saved and became a totally different person in my eyes.  This too, caught my attention.  I continued with the "wrong crowd" in college and joined a fraternity.  I desired so much to understand the meaning to life and to understand what it was that was so evidently missing in my life.  

Though raised in the "Bible-belt," for the first 20 years of my life I had never heard a clear presentation of the gospel.  I was never told that I needed to be saved, nor how to be saved.  I had never been witnessed to, nor given a tract, nor invited to church.  At the age of 22, I visited a Baptist church for the first time with my wife-to-be.  At that church, I heard for the first time the truth about salvation from the Word of God about my sin and my need of the Saviour.  I visited the church again the following Sunday on May 1, 1988, and  trusted Christ after hearing the gospel preaching sermon and was born again.