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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter April 1, 2021 (Feb. ‘21 – Mar. ‘21)

Posted on April 1st 2021

Dear Pastors, Friends & Family,
April 1, 2021 (Feb. – Mar.  ‘21)

God has been so good to us, largely because of folks like you who pray for, support and encourage us.  We are excited to finish our furlough soon and to go back to Mexico City.  We are finishing our meetngs and working on details for our return to the mission field.  Our plan is to buy a 15-passenger van soon and drive it to our parents houses in Alabma to pick up the things we brought out of Mexico and the things we have accumulated.  Then, we must drive the van to Texas, empty it to take it across the border into Mexico to get it nationalized (e.g. converted into a Mexican van).  This process normally takes a week so we will then fly to Mexico City to find and sign for an apartment.  We will then fly back to the border to pick up our van, drive it into the U.S. and load it up with our belongings and with tracts, John/Romans & Bibles to drive back to Mexico City.  Soon after, we will begin looking for a building for our new church-plant.  We are hoping to get a … Read More »

Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter February 1, 2021 (Dec. ‘20 – Jan. ‘21)

Posted on February 3rd 2021

Dear Pastors, Friends & Family,
February 1, 2021 (Dec. ‘20 – Jan. ‘21)

This is our first prayer letter for the year so allow me to say a late “Happy New Year” to all.  We are still living in crazy times in our coutry and the world, but exciting times as we are closer to Jesus’ return.  We greatly appreciate your prayers and your generousity & sacrafice in your support for us.  A special thanks to those who sent extra for our Christmas.  Our year ended well as Mary & I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on December 22nd.  Along with normal ministry things, I got my first deer at the very end of the year – sort of.  We were coming home from church on December 27th when a deer jumped out in front of our car on the highway and we hit it doing about 65mph.  It totalled our car.  Mary had some internal pain so went to the Emergency Room but it was determined to be just abdominal brusing.  I had been doing well up to that point with my ruptured and herniated disks in my back until the accident, but this flared the pain up again.  Mary & … Read More »