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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter August 1, 2020 (Jun. – Jul ‘20)

Posted on August 3rd 2020

Dear Pastors, Friends & Family,

August 1, 2020 (Jun. – Jul. ’20)

After arriving to the U.S. in late Spring, we officially began our furlough travels these last two months. During this time we have been in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Colorado. Whew – I feel tired again just writing all of those states down. But, it has been a blessing to report to our supporting churches what a great work God is doing in Mexico City because of them. I have particularly enjoyed preaching in Spanish at some Spanish independent Baptist churches, not to mention, witnessing to people in Spanish as we travel. I get tickled at times to see the faces of Mexicans in the U.S. when we walk up to them and begin not just speaking to them in Spanish, but clearly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We miss Mexico but it is nice to be in the U.S. again enjoying the fresh air, grass, trees, and many other things we don’t have much of in Mexico. We don’t miss the pollution and the volcano (Popocatepetl) outside of Mexico City which continues to be very explosive, adding much to the … Read More »

Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter June 1, 2020 (Apr. – May ‘20)

Posted on June 1st 2020

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

June 1, 2020 (Apr. – May ‘20)

Things have changed since we last wrote. We had planned to start our furlough in May, but because of the coronavirus and the possibility of international travel restrictions, we found ourselves confronted with a decision. Flights were being canceled, and there were rumors of border closures. We received calls from many asking of our plans, so we decided to leave that very day. Boy was it chaotic. We opened our suitcases, threw stuff in, bought the plane tickets, and left for the airport. Our deacons hired a local mover to take our things to the church, and I told our landlord we were leaving. My head is still spinning, and I am still looking for things that were probably left in Mexico. The only move that will be faster than that is the Rapture. We arrived in the U.S. with no transportation for furlough, so we prayed and went to look for a car. At a car dealership, we found a good used one that was listed “accidentally” (or providentially?) at the trade-in price instead of the retail price, so they had to honor the price. We plan to turn … Read More »