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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter April 1, 2020 (Feb.’20 – Mar. ‘20)

Posted on April 3rd 2020

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

April 1, 2020 (Feb – Mar. ‘20)

Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement.  I never want to get accustomed to being saved, nor do I want to take for granted the blessing of having many ministry friends that help us  Thanks for your part in what God is doing here, saving souls and building His church.

Lately we have been going to the public schools to minister.  As parents line up waiting for the children, we pass out tracts and witness to them.  We’ve seen many saved recently.  Luis Jesús was one.  He is an older man in poor health, but his conversion reminds me of John 3:4 that says, “Nicodemus replied, How can a grown man be born? Can he enter his mother’s womb anew, and be born?”  Aurora is another who sat selling her crafts outside of the school, and Mary sat beside her, witnessed to her, and she got saved.  Aurora reminds me of the story of a lady in Acts 16:13, 14 where we “…spake unto the women which resorted thither.  And a certain woman … heard us: whose heart the Lord opened,”  Another way we get the gospel out is … Read More »

Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter February 1, 2020 (Dec.’19 – Jan. ‘20)

Posted on February 3rd 2020

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

February 1, 2020 (Dec.’19 – Jan. ‘20)

We are excited what the Lord is doing here in Mexico City: saving souls, building His church, and allowing us to baptize and teach them. We are thankful for your prayers & support. It’s a blessing we’ll get to see many of you during our upcoming furlough starting later this year. We had a recent visit by a pastor and preacher who saw the needs first-hand and conditions we see daily. Recently while preaching in the open-air market, a young man named Miguel got saved when I shared the gospel with him. A funny thing happened after Miguel’s conversion. He asked me if I could watch his “display.” With a big smile, he took my tracts and started passing them out. What a blessing it is to see the change the gospel makes in people and for them to immediately be willing to share the truth that changed their life. Last month on a Saturday, Mary and I knocked on the door of Adriana. I witnessed to her and she said, “I know I don’t deserve heaven, but I want to repent and accept Jesus as my Savior to be … Read More »