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Mary's Books

Mary and her family have been involved in evangelistic ministries for many years. She uses these opportunities to share God's goodness with others. Mary and her family's passion is witnessing to the lost and helping Christians.

Living Everyday The Kitchen Cupboard Volumes One, Two, & Three

Mary has been to many countries, mainly while her husband served as an Army officer in the military. In their travels, they have seen and experienced many things that have helped give Mary a lot of experiences to share with others and Mary loves to share these stories. She often gets the opportunity to share them with other women's groups. If she doesn't get an official opportunity, she always looks for a chance to strike up a one-on-one conversation with some dear lady.

The Kitchen Cupboard Collection Volumes 1-3

Over eight years ago Mary's mother, Marie Crawford, gave Mary two notepads and two pens and said, "Stop talking and start writing!" Mary's dad, Jim Crawford, Jr., is the editor for newspapers in Alabama and Tennessee. Several years ago Mary began to write articles for the papers. The column in the papers is called, "The Kitchen Cupboard." As a Christian mother and wife, the articles are about everyday living.

Mary has had a few serious medical issues over the years. Not too many years ago, she was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare cancer. She was given only a couple years to live, but God saw fit to give her many more. In her writings, she often encourages others who are experiencing difficulty themselves.
Mary has written three books which are a summation of the columns she has written for the newspapers. Many people that have read the books are brought to both laughter and tears.The stories are often humorous and always tied to a Bible verse, followed by a scrumptious recipe.

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