Independent Baptist Missionaries to Mexico City, Mexico

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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter December 1, 2019 (Oct. ’19 & Nov. ’19)

Posted on December 2nd 2019

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

December 1, 2019 (Oct. – Nov. ’19)

We trust you had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Mary & I are so thankful for many things including folks like you that pray for us and support us.  We are planning a quick trip back to the Texas border on Monday, December 16th, just for a few days to pick up the other half of our Bibles and tracts.  Please pray for our safety and that our van runs well for this long drive.  We made a trip in October to the border, but the Mexican customs did not allow us to enter since our van was completely full to the roof.  We had to leave half but still had to pay 16% taxes on what we brought in, and we will do the same later this month.  However, praise God that we are able to go through so much gospel literature.  Lord willing, we will also be picking up Christmas Joy Gift Bags a few hours south of the border on our way back.  Please keep praying for our health and safety.  Mary has been in physical therapy twice a week for about two months now to help her with … Read More »

Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter October 1, 2019 (Aug. ’19 & Sep. ’19)

Posted on October 4th 2019

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

October 1, 2019 (Aug. – Sep. ’19)

Greetings in Jesus’ Name from Mexico City! During the month of August we held our VBS and had well over 100 in attendance daily. We had some children, teens, and even parents saved. Also during soul-winning and regular church services, people continue to be saved and baptized. Mary and I visited a lady named Paula recently after she was saved at our church. While in her house, she told us she got rid of all of her idols, and that God was beginning to bless her new life in Christ.

Our volcano “Popo” has been very active the last few months and has caused the pollution to be much worse than normal. The bad pollution caused Mary to get a sinus infection, and she had to take several medicines. I saw my gastroenterologist recently, and he put me on some strong medicine to try to rid me of the parasite problems I have which has infected my digestive system. Also, please pray for Mary as she has suffered for a few months and is currently doing 5 weeks of physical therapy for severe muscle pain in her back, neck, and right … Read More »