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Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter June 1, 2015 (Apr. – May ’15)

Posted on June 3rd 2015

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,
June 1, 2015 (Apr. – May ’15)

I hope all is well there. We are fine here on the mission field. Thanks for your prayers and support. We sure appreciate you all. You folks are a blessing to our family as well as to many here in this mega-metropolis.

Lupe, who I led to the Lord a couple months ago, has been faithful to church. It is amazing seeing his life changed from a drinker and fighter to sober, gentle Christian. The gospel has not lost, nor will it lose its transforming power! I recently led another man to the Lord who lives in the same mountain area as Lupe. His name is Raymundo and he, too, was an alcoholic. The interesting thing is that Raymundo is the custodian of the local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group and actually lives in the building where they hold their regular meetings. I know AA exists in the United States too and this group has helped some, but you can’t get much closer to the cause than Raymundo who actually lives there. However, Raymundo was not able to get … Read More »

Wallace’s Missionary Prayer Letter April 1, 2015 (Feb. – Mar. ’15)

Posted on April 9th 2015

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,
April 1, 2015 (Feb. – Mar. ’15)

Though Spring is officially here now, we don’t have drastic changes in temperature here in Mexico City from season to season, but things are blossoming now. The forecast here doesn’t change much – usually warm, mostly sunny and always polluted. It is not the rainy season yet but we are getting some rain which is a blessing because it cleans the air as does the strong winds that are beginning now, too. Amen!

The time leading up to Easter is eye-opening here. Religious people from all over will make pilgrimages to the Basilica in Mexico City at this time. I am still amazed to personally see people crawl on their hands and knees to church. Some people here will even whip their backs until they bleed and a few will wear a real crown of thorns.

I’ve been visiting a family in the mountains weekly that used to attend church regularly. During my visits, I have also met some other family members, two in particular are José Gadalupe (“Lupe”) and his nephew, Rafael. Last week, … Read More »