The Wallace Family - Independent Baptist Missionaries to Mexico City

About the Wallace Family - Baptist Missionaries to Mexico

We have been called by God as missionaries to almost the largest (many say THE largest) city in the world and one of the most neediest for laborers – Mexico City. We are excited about the ministry that God has given us.

Many ask what "camp" of independent Baptist are we from. First of all we are not "campers." We are soldiers; soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ. We have many independent Baptist friends from different groups. I am not like any one person or group, though my greatest desire is to be more like the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for the results we saw on deputation. As time permits we would appreciate your communicating our ministry to your fellow laborers. Word-of-mouth remains the best method for spreading our burden and calling, and it would be a major blessing and encouragement to us if you can participate in this way.

Click here to read my testimony. Here is a little about our family.

Mary is a dedicated mother and helpmate.  She has been home-schooling our children for many years, as well as the other duties of mom, wife, Christian, etc.  She has been writing Christian music since she was saved at the age of 14.  She has taught music and enjoys playing the piano, guitar and singing. She loves developing puppet skits. She has been gifted to encourage others. She loves speaking to women's groups as well as just helping individual ladies. She has written a weekly Christian column in several small-town newspapers.  She has also self-published four books.  She has enjoyed accompanying our family to minister in churches, on the streets, in prisons, nursing homes, rescue missions, fairs, missions trips, etc.

Our children are very active in the church.  Before beginning deputation, our children were very involved in the bus ministry, church programs, church music and singing, door-to-door evangelism, teen soul-winning, etc., as well as helping their family minister.