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About The Wallaces

About the Wallace Family – Baptist Missionaries to Mexico

We have been called by God as missionaries to one of the largest cities in the world – Mexico City. Mexico City is a mega-metropolis and still one of the neediest places for laborers with the gospel. Its population is more than double the population of New York City. It grows by over 1,000 people per day. About 1/3 of the country’s population lives in and around the city. Apart from church-planting, there are many other evangelistic opportunities in Mexico City such as over 1 million orphans, about 50,000 Jews, the largest university in Latin American. We are excited about the open doors that God has given us.

We thank the Lord for the preparation of deputation& language school, and the results we have seen here in multiple terms on the field. God is doing a great work in both our lives and in the lives of many others in the mission field of Mexico City.

Mike obtained a bachelor’s degree in business before getting his Bible degree. God used Mike’s traveling and leadership experiences in the military to many countries to help prepare him for foreign language and culture. Before going to the current mission field of Mexico City, the Lord helped Mike by giving him experience with church-planting both in the United States and abroad. The Lord gave Mike opportunities in evangelism not only at and through his home church, but also in state prisons, nursing homes, rescue missions, fair ministries, public ministries, etc. Mike loves his family and is glad to be a husband, father and grandfather.

Mary is a dedicated mother and helpmate. She home-schooled the children for many years, as well as the other duties of mom, wife, Christian, etc. She has been writing Christian music since she was saved at the age of 14. She teaches music and enjoys playing the piano, guitar, violin and singing. She loves developing puppet skits and dramas. She has been gifted at encouraging others. She loves speaking to women’s groups as well as just helping individual ladies. She has written a weekly Christian column in several small-town newspapers. She has also self-published several books. She loves mission work and Mexico City as she enjoyed many ministries in the U.S. before going to the foreign mission field.

Both of Mike and Mary’s sons, Joseph & Stephen served in Mexico City on the mission field. Joseph and Stephen, along with Mike & Mary’s daughter, Hannah, attended Bible college and are located in three different states in the United States. We are blessed to also have many grandchildren.